Investment management

Hamilton Financial’s investment philosophy is to use investment fund managers whom we know well and with whom we are in regular contact. Peter Rintoul has enjoyed a lifetime’s experience in the investment industry. His experience extends not just to unit trusts but also to investment trusts. “Having been both a manager and a non-executive director of investment trusts, I have great faith in their ability to generate above average returns.”

Our investment strategy has been, and continues to be, a simple one. That is that we should look to identify a good spread of investment asset classes so as to provide genuine diversification for each client; and then seek to choose the best possible fund managers at the right price.

Prospective customers will naturally be interested to know whether our investment approach works. The graph below shows the composite investment performance of Hamilton Financial investment clients since May 2014, when we opened our doors in earnest.



It shows that we have outperformed the 2 indices that we always use – the Wealth Managed Private Balanced index and the FTSE All Share. We are ahead by 15% and 10% respectively – put another way, we have outperformed them by 36% and 26% respectively. A word of caution: past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and we give no guarantees that we will continue to outperform these indices.

Hamilton Financial also run smaller company portfolios. Click here for more information.