Ben More (Beinn Mhòr), Isle of Mull

Investment management

Our investment strategy has been, and continues to be, a simple one. That is that we should look to identify a good spread of investment asset classes so as to provide genuine diversification.

Financial & Tax Planning

Hamilton Financial specialises in providing clients with “cradle to grave” tax and financial planning.


Making contributions to a pension plan is an incredibly tax efficient way of saving for retirement.
You can never start saving too young!

Life Assurance & Income Protection

Anyone at the beginning of their career with the responsibility for a spouse (or partner) and children will want to ensure in the event of a disaster, that their dependents are adequately protected.

Mortgages, Loans & Equity Release

At Hamilton Financial, we know the best lending brokers and happily outsource the business of finding the best mortgage/loan/equity release deals to the experts.

Tax Efficient Products

There are a number of products sold primarily for their tax efficiency. Some of them should come with a health warning.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) Savings

The first thing to say is that any investment product sold mainly for its tax efficiency should come with a health warning…