The democratisation of investment

Investment should not just be the preserve of the rich. Many wealth managers are only interested in portfolios that have a value in excess of £250,000, but at Hamilton Financial, we have found a solution.


The Solution

HF Active Share is a series of actively-managed model portfolios*, geared to client risk tolerance (cautious to dynamic), and open to anyone with savings from £50,000 up to £250,000.

We adopt the same investment philosophy for HF Active Share as we do for our larger clients.

HF Active Share differs from other model portfolios for four important reasons:

  1. Our engagement with clients: advisory management has progressively been abandoned by wealth managers as uneconomic. Dialogue with clients is central to our ethos and HF Active Share enables this albeit on a restricted basis
  2. Small outperforms large: once they reach a certain size, wealth managers tend to prioritise asset gathering over long term investment performance.
  3. Our strong preference is for closed ended funds, i.e. investment trusts, described by some as the City’s best kept secret.
  4. Charges are lower than most : (a) no VAT is added to our charges and (b) the cost of buying and selling investments is zero.



  1. Portfolio size £50,000 – £250,000
  2. Initial fixed fee regardless of portfolio size – £1,000.
  3. Ongoing advice charges including platform charge – 1% of assets under management
  4. Trading charges – i.e. buying and selling investments – zero cost
  5. Investment changes ( rebalancing) are restricted to once a year only
  6. Regular contributions – e.g monthly pension contributions – are invested every quarter
  7. Valuations and commentary – twice a year.
  8. Communication – the HF team will be available for direct communication ( phone) once every 6 months. (We can be flexible.)


Click here for more about HF ACTIVE SHARE.

* You can read more about Model Portfolios HERE