Investment Style

Hamilton Financial only uses actively managed pooled funds. These are predominantly investment trusts quoted on the London Stock Exchange; but we also use a few unit trusts.

Clients will pay a little more to be invested in actively managed funds ( as opposed to holding passive or tracker funds) but our experience is that these will, over the longer term, lead to superior investment performance.

Here is a summary of how we strive to get better performance:

Diversification and conviction (26 funds max)
Only pooled funds (mostly investment trusts)
In-house research and regular fund manager meetings

No Market Timing (except discounts)

Time in the market (low turnover)

Lower annual management charges (no VAT)

No Passives

No absolute return funds

No derivatives

NB. If you want to see our 5 year record of investment performance against the usual indices just email Andrew Hamilton at or phone 0131 315 4888.

Warning – past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.