Standard Portfolio Charges

Portfolio SizeHF AMCPlatformVATTotal
(note 1)(notes 1&2)
£nil to £500,0000.8%0.20%0%1%
£500,000 - £1M0.55%0.20%0%0.75%
£1M - £1.5M0.45%0.15%0%0.6%
£1.5M - £2M0.45%0.10%0%0.55%


  1. Annual managers’ charges and platform charges are charged on a monthly basis and debited to the client’s platform account.   These are calculated as a percentage of assets under management.
  2. In this example we have used the platform charges levied by AJ Bell Investcentre.
  3. As an “advisory” Independent Financial advisor, we are exempt from charging Value Added Tax (VAT) on our services.


A portfolio worth £250,000 would cost £2,500 per annum.
A portfolio worth £600,000 would cost £5,750 per annum.

Smaller Company Portfolios

Charges for the management of a smaller company portfolio comprised of stocks quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (and currently exempt from IHT) depend on the size of the portfolio.  Such charges are discussed and agreed with clients in advance.